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The Sutta Pitaka

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Khuddaka Nikaya



A Translation

Translated from the Pali 

by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff)


Dhammapada II



Heedfulness:     the path to the Deathless.
Heedlessness: the path to death.
The heedful do not die.
The heedless are as if
    already dead.

Knowing this as a true distinction,
those wise in heedfulness
rejoice     in heedfulness,
enjoying the range of the noble ones.

The enlightened, constantly
    absorbed in jhana,
    firm in their effort:
they touch Unbinding,
the unexcelled rest
    from the yoke.

Those with initiative,
    clean in action,
acting with due consideration,
    heedful, restrained,
living the Dhamma:
    their glory


Through initiative, heedfulness,
restraint, & self-control,
the wise would make
        an island
no flood
can submerge.


They're addicted to heedlessness
-- dullards, fools --
while one who is wise
cherishes heedfulness
as his highest wealth.


Don't give way to heedlessness
    or to intimacy
    with sensual delight --
for a heedful person,
absorbed in jhana,
attains an abundance of ease.


When the wise person drives out
    with heedfulness,
having climbed the high tower
of discernment,
he observes the sorrowing crowd --
as the enlightened man,
having scaled
    a summit,
the fools on the ground below.


Heedful among the heedless,
wakeful among those asleep,
just as a fast horse advances,
leaving the weak behind:
    so the wise.


Through heedfulness, Indra won
to lordship over the gods.
Heedfulness is praised,
heedlessness censured --


The monk delighting in heedfulness,
seeing danger in heedlessness,
advances like a fire,
burning fetters
    great & small.

The monk delighting in heedfulness,
seeing danger in heedlessness
-- incapable of falling back --
stands right on the verge
    of Unbinding.



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