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Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang ( Van N.V)

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Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang was born in 1967 in Vinh Thai, Nha Trang City, Vietnam and has been an ordained Buddhist monk for 20 years. He gained a Bachelor of Buddhism as well as a Bachelor of Foreign Languages (English) in Vietnam before he came to live in Australia in 1998, where he is currently the Deputy-Abbot of the Quang Duc Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery in the Melbourne suburb of Fawkner Victoria. He is also the webmaster of the Quang Duc Homepage ( since May 1999.  In 2006, he gained his Bachelor of Social Work at Latrobe University as well as working as a Buddhist chaplain volunteer at Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Western Hospital in Footscray, the Sunshine Hospital and he also provides his chaplains services to the Melbourne Assessment Prison. (photos)

In May 15, 2001, Vice-Abbot Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang received the Australian Centenary Medal from Federal Government on the occasion of One Hundred Years (1901-2001) Founded the National Federation of Australia. Reason for this honor was Vice-Abbot had practically contributed to the social work of helping prisoners, patients in the role of Buddhist clergy chaplain in Victoria.

n May 22, 2002, Vice-Abbot Thich Nguyen Tang represented the world Buddhist to lecture on "Buddhist views about death & rebirth".  The seminar was for two days, March 22 and 23, 2002, held at RMTI University, about The Process of "Dying, Death and Grief", opened to the religious missionaries, physicians, nurses, psychologists, police officers, social workers, and staffs of the burials. This was a very rare event for the professionals to share the experience and knowledge on all about the "death and after death".  The presentations helped reduce the agony of pain or fear before dead, as well maintain the calmness to the relatives and the dying person along with to know what to prepare and control their attitude toward life (read more…)

 Venerable Tang has written extensively on Buddhism, beginning his published work as a collaborator for a local Buddhist newspapers, Giac Ngo weekly and Giac Ngo magazine,  while in Saigon in 1990. His articles about "Buddhism around the world" have been published in magazines such as Phap Bao in Australia, Phap Am in Norway, and Phat Hoc, Hoa Sen and Giao Diem in the USA. His published books include: A Modern Religion (1995), His Holiness Dalai Lama, A Messenger for Peace (2000); and Death and Rebirth (2000, reprinted 2001). He has translated the Ven. S. Dhamika’s Good Question Good Answer (read online) from English into Vietnamese (1997 and reprinted 2000), Buddhism throughout the world (2001) and he is currently writing his latest works : "A Simple Buddhism"; and "The History of Buddhism in Australia". Venerable Tang also translates books from English to Vietnamese, and is currently involved in the following translations :

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