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The Sutta Pitaka

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Khuddaka Nikaya



Verses of the Elder Nuns


Selected suttas from the Therigatha

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter XII

  • Punnika & the Brahman. Punnika convinces a brahman to abandon his purifying water-rites -- after all, if bathing were sacred, then frogs, turtles, and fish would all be pure!

Chapter XIII

  • 1. Ambapali. A former courtesan -- now an arahant -- reveals how aging has eroded every trace of her youthful beauty. An exquisite portrait of the effects of aging.

  • 2. Rohini. Before her ordination, Rohini answers her father's accusation that monks are lazy. In fact, she points out, "They do the best work."

Chapter XIV

  • Subha & the Libertine. Subha, an arahant nun living alone in the forest, is hounded by a man who lusts after her. The "special gift" that she finally hands to him instantly brings about a change in his heart. A magnificent story.


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Khuddaka Nikaya contents:

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